Hit Miss Ice Cream Freezer Hit Miss Ice Cream Freezer and Country Freezer ready to make ice cream and money!


             For hit miss engine enthusiasts, ice cream lovers, and venders.

Running Hit Miss John Deere Freezer

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hit miss ice cream

John Deere« clutch

Great old White Mountain ice cream freezerAdd for White M with Dana ice cream freeaer and Peerless ice cream machine.

Big ice cream freezer

john deere  ice cream freezer

Ice cream wagon

amish built ice cream

Electric White Mountain

John Deere model L with Country Freezer

John Deere ice cream!

Country Freezer wag

ice cream trailer


ice cream wagon


hit miss ice cream

Nice connection!

country freezer ice cream churn

Double Country Freezer

Great job!

Wooden wheels

great ice cream churn hit miss

Weagraff's Ice Cream

great ice cream maker hit miss

Weagraff'Ice Cream

twin country freezer ice cream maker twin

2 country Freezers

20 quart white mountain outfit

Great Machine

Country Freezers

Electric White Mountain

two country freezers with 3 hp john deere e stationary engine

Great Setup!

oldfashion ice cream amker

Country Freezer Unit

home made ice cream

John Deere Ice Cream

hand made ice cream churn

View of 3 HP John Deere

great 20 quart ice cream freezer

V-Belt Setup!

great home made electric ice cream churn

Nice Homemade Freezer

hit miss ice cream churn

I like the Setup!

can you hadn crank a 20 quart country freezer ice cream maker?

Hard Work!

Sit on the freezer, it will hol it down.

I like the Engine!

john deere ice cream

Needs Tinkering with!

matag ice cream maker

Maytag setup>Great!

john deere ice cream churn

Good Clutch!

Built by Glenn Rowe

Working Model of John Deere and 1 Quart Country Freezer

National Threshers Reunion


Bill Cawthorne JD M

WOW Amy Shinn

David & Betty Jo Dickie

John Hassan

John Hassan

Count them 4 Freezers  Built by Chris Thomas

Built by Dan R      Gorgeous!

Dan R    Clutch  

In memory of John Hisaw

Built by Ron Davis

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