White Mountain and Country Freezer Pictures


Nice clutch White Mountain 20  quart ice cream churn  Four White  Mountains                                                                           running with one engine!  Good looking  freezer                                                                                         rig!
 Country Freezer  complete                                                                        unit for sale 336.984.2885 Converted Country Freezer  gear head to White Mountain 20 Quart  Interesting ice  cream                                                                               freezer  Great job!  Six 20  quart                                                                Country Freezers at work!
Running John Deere  E and 20 quart Country Freezer  Ready to  Go!  An electric  White                                                                               Mountain!  What engine  is                               this?  Looks great!  Country Freezer  in                    the shade!
 20 quart  White                                                                                     Mountain ready to go!  Great Job  Dan!  MY Country  Freezer                                                                                     20 quart churn.

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